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Who is behind Coronavirus and COVID 19 Pandemic? Russian Response , Part 2

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The leader of the Essence of Time movement, Sergey Kurginyan, previously noted the possible extremely negative consequences of the coronavirus-related measures in education. Now a Russian elite representative has claimed that soon the opportunity of having face-to-face education with full-fledged social interaction, developing a personality will become available only for a select few. Kurginyan emphasized that if the virus was deliberately invented, its purpose was to allow for the super-domination by a minority over a majority, which will be turned into formless sludge.

Many scientists and physicians say that the COVID-19 problem is probably being overestimated. John P.A. Ioannidis, a Stanford University professor, says that even three months after the outbreak emerged, no countries have reliable data on the prevalence of the virus. This evidence fiasco creates tremendous uncertainty about estimating COVID-19’s fatality rate. Scientists claim that most people infected with the virus do not show symptoms.
A separate important issue is death certificates with the diagnosis of COVID-19. Scott Jensen, a US physician, and a State Senator, called reporting patterns for COVID-19 as the cause of death on death certificates ridiculous, noting that such a diagnosis is financially incentivized.

An intense struggle is unfolding against the backdrop of the global pandemic in the run-up to the US elections. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks, has presented a complete investigation on the causes of the World Trade Center (WTC) Building No. 7’s catastrophic collapse, bringing the official version down in flames. Trump supporters believe this may be one of the elements of a new campaign to uncover the so-called “deep state.” Another element of this campaign, according to Trump supporters, may become the Trump administration working with public figures and experts who claim that COVID-19 is a biological weapon used by US security agencies to ruin Trump’s election positions. After all, Trump is being constantly blamed in taking no measures against the pandemic, of which he had been alerted by secret services back in November.

At the same time, media and experts discuss the figure of Pence, who is gaining popularity comparable to that of the President. But the opposition to Trump is much larger.

Kurginyan spoke about the old system of the continuity of government, according to which if the three main US political figures are dead, the military he would be in charge. There is nothing delusional in the assumption that this system can be activated with the help of an artificially created emergency.
The total quarantine system, which in front of our eyes has been extended to most of the world, has its root in the George W. Bush administration. After the events of 9/11, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, intended to extend this system to the entire US population. However, this met resistance from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and personally Professor Donald Henderson, the leader of international efforts to eradicate smallpox. Up until now this quarantine system, which Henderson and his colleagues called totalitarian, hadn’t been extensively implemented. But its engineers considered this system on a global scale, allowing them to restructure the world for to further strengthen the US and to drive China back.

One of the most influential specialists in the field of chemistry and nano-chemistry, Charles M. Lieber, who was arrested by FBI in January. Lieber is suspected of transferring biological weapons technology to China. People like Lieber and those who are ready to use him for their own purposes – that is the threat to humanity at the present stage. And if this is so, then one can’t just dismiss any interpretations of these COVID stories. Even if they seem overexcited, sensationalistic, exotic, or excessive.

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00:00 — Intro
00:13 — How distance learning will contribute to mass inequality
03:13 — Coronavirus strikes the economy
03:50 — The “evidence fiasco” in official coronavirus statistics
11:56 — How the coronavirus spreads
13:54 — How Medicare creates incentives for naming coronavirus as the cause of death
17:03 — Bizarreness of the official statistics in Russia
18:38 — How Trump exposes the so-called “deep state” in the US
23:35 — How the “deep state” responds to Trump
26:26 — The ram against Trump – the US Vice President
30:45 — Will the military establish its so called “continuity of government” in the USA?
40:50 — The project for America’s final step towards absolute totalitarianism
45:52 — The “Red Dawn” plan: war between the USA and China
48:26 — What is the American idea of mass compulsory isolation
53:59 — The electronic enslavement of humanity